About Us

We are an ambitious squad of creative thinkers and makers.
We are a co-operative unit of strategists and hard core technologists.
We love what we do and you too will love what we do for your business.

Our aim is to provide 360-degree solutions that are built on robust brand planning and boundless creative ideas. With strategies built on meaningful insights, we make sure to intensify the user experience by providing hybrid advertising solutions.

Techvertising [tek-ver-tahy-zing]

Noun: techvertising

1. The process of marketing the products/business for the purpose of brand building with the means of technology.
2. Getting the word out or promoting a business/ product by the use of technology.

Verb: (techvertise)

1. Making advertising more valuable by blending it with technology.
eg: “Netbizians techvertize”

What We Do

Take your business to the power of N!



We eNrich the user experience with advanced technology!



We eNvision your brand and bring it to reality!



We iNfluence people and give your brand an appealing identity!

Our Work

We think our aesthetic and technical expertise gives our work a cutting edge identity.
Take a look yourself.

Explore the power of good story telling in our creative assets!