Wrapped with Love! 

IBJA, one of our significant clients wanted to introduce personalized gold coins. Their aim was to stand out in the regular gold coin market. Ibja put their whole & soul in manufacturing the finest gold coins and we definitely did justice by doing the same. Gifting gold coin is not something new but the challenge here was to introduce a range of gold coins that fits into every category of every occasion and to change the idea of customized gifts.

We all were on our toes as we had a tight deadline and ultimately we discovered the other side of the coin to cater a distinguished experience altogether.

We experimented by segregating the coins into a customized list of categories inclusive of Alphabets, Indian holidays, Yogasanas, Star signs, Musical instruments, Popular sports, etc. Moreover, we wrote a creative description for each coin defining its value. For, its only words that could express the celebration of emotions and love. We ensured to wrap each coin with its own unique personality. 

Delivering a total of 425 coins within a set deadline perspired us but inspired at the same time. The client was enthralled with the overall experience!