Kanaika Hollywood

The challenge as glamorous as Hollywood! 

Kanakia Spaces, known for its iconic landmarks is infused with surpassing creativity and innovation. Their new inspiration was Hollywood lifestyle and they wanted to instill the same in the minds of potential homebuyers. Hollywood inspired lifestyle at a prime location like Versova was an additional advantage to encourage NRI’s to invest. 

Glamor entices creative minds and our creative experts were tempted to work on it. From landing page to the digital communication across platforms, all carried a glamorous feel as we ensured the creatives and content render a feeling of Hollywood. With our persistent determination towards providing creative solutions, we could bring home the bacon with a splendid response! 

During the launch, we tickled curious minds through various social media platforms, an exclusive custom-built countdown microsite and paid ads. Soon ‘Where Glamour Lives’ picked up its pace and ‘Reaching for The Stars’ seemed an altogether possible dream for many potential buyers! The curiosity continued to arouse the interest of the people while keeping the property discreet.

To ensure that glamour sustain we ran Google Display and Facebook paid ads. Consumers’ overwhelming response wholly shewed the Hollywood lifestyle.

The excellent number of leads received speaks for itself!