Spunk, a noted lifestyle fashion brand wanted to typify young, happy and enthusiastic individuals who love to express themselves. To reflect their expression of style and fashion, the website was required to have a range of latest fashionable apparels, accessories, and designer footwear with a touch of allurement. 

With a rapidly growing consumer market of fashion, developing a website relevant to the fashion freaks looks cool but requires elbow greasing to comprehend and attain the ensue.

Our client wanted to create a new language of expression and we brainstormed for the ideas that could stand upright as per the presumption. In order to create an exclusive website, primarily the entire layout and its design was executed. We wanted to distinguish the Spunk e-commerce website and leap out of the other e-commerce portals. We added a style quotient to it and combined all the zing and vigorous elements. Further, we integrated social pages and built a user-friendly online payment gateway. 

Today, the website is very much live with more than 1500 products on sale catering both men and women. With its vivid layout and the listing, it certainly looks peculiar.

We wowed our clients and they couldn’t express how happy they were with the upshot!