Greenlam Laminate 

Beautifying the spaces & the lives of many! 

Being the largest laminate provider in India, Greenlam was one click away to serve their consumers online. All they needed is an e-commerce website to extend their services. However, an e-commerce website with advanced filters and user-friendly interface could have been a delightful experience for their visitors and we nailed it right!

Keeping in mind their two decades of experience in beautifying the interiors with their presence in international markets, it was our turn to design and beautify their internal website. Our approach was readily apparent to the mind, therefore it escalated in a highly artistic manner.

The website offers valuable information about product quality and exclusive home décor ideas for the residential and commercial spaces. The website is accessible in 11 different languages providing laminate solutions to its customers. 

Greenlam Laminates retail business now has an online presence supporting 13 countries of the world. Shopping for laminates online has become as easy as the first rudiment keeping the advanced filters intact. It allows visitors to shop for laminates of their choice as well as browse for unique home décor ideas. 

Indeed, a creative solution to your shopping experience!